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What makes an icon? According to the dictionary, it's a symbol that invokes a meaning. That's why the world is focused on top athletes to be their icons. But, is that the only way we want to recognize greatness? Athletic achievement? Let's be honest, though, the running and jumping ability isn't carrying over into all aspects of our icons' lives.

We believe there are other, more common, characteristics that are iconic. Think about this...a young person who gets up early on a Saturday, then heads to the park to play in a pick-up game of basketball. Don't they symbolize passion and commitment? The softball player who will be tired at work the next day because they're gonna play extra innings tonight. Doesn't that represent drive?. Walk-on lacrosse players at State Universities across the country, exemplifying competitive spirit. The 5 am runner. Showing determination. The list is endless.

The truth is, icons are all around us. Our favorite players are not in the NBA they're in the rec leagues; they're not in the NFL, they're in Pop Warner; they're not in the MLB, they're in little leagues in nearly every city in America.  


Our belief is that professional athletes may become icons, but we all have symbolic greatness within us. We demonstrate effort, hard work, sportsmanship, passion and commitment within ourselves on a daily basis. We are our own icons. I am my own icon. I am iconic.


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