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Free Myconic Medal Rounds T-Shirt!

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The Medal Rounds features our Myconic Medals Design on the chest. If you are Myconic, this t-shirt is a must have!

Are you part of the solution? Never before has there been so much divisiveness in our country. Democrats vs Republicans. Racial issues. Gender crises. It seems now more than ever we have more reasons to oppose one another than we do to unite ourselves.

In order to find a solution we need real changes and we need them to start in our own homes. In our own minds for that matter. We need to start looking at ourselves and determine if what we are doing is part of the problem or part of the solution. Are we living by a code of ethics that we can be proud of? Are we open-minded to the other side? Are we so set in our ways that we would rather be right than decent?

f you're one of those people, we want you. We want you to help us spread the message. We want our future generation to be able...capable, reliable, and accountable. If that's you please click the link below to get a free t-shirt*